I had the best experience coming here. Amazing service and friendly people, I will be coming back.


Super helpful! Very happy with their service did a great job.


Had my subaru towed here after calling around to a bunch of mechanics, they were both the most helpful over the phone and the friendliest. I think I'd go back purely based on Kendra but the service from others was just as good!


I so thoroughly appreciate the kindness, honesty and good work of Moss Alley


I have trusted Moss Alley for over 11 years. They deliver great customer service and alert me to things that might become potential issues but let me know how long out I have to get them addressed so I don't feel pressured that I should "get things done immediately".


They always take good care of my car. I can count on great workmanship and a fair price.


I will always bring my car and my business to you.


I think its worth mentioning that the penultimate time I took a car to a mechanic (just an oil change!), the people there were telling me that the axle was leaking steering fluid, and that if I didn't spend thousands of dollars swapping out the whole axle I could be driving down the road and the steering would lock and I could DIE. The whole damn shop of 4 or 5 guys was telling me this, telling me to not even drive it home.I didn't have the money, and I needed to drive a long distance a few days later. I took my basic knowledge of what they said and figured that if I checked the steering fluid regularly, like every 50 miles of driving, and top it off if there's a drop, then I wouldn't die. I never had to top it off. The steering fluid wasn't leaking. They were lying out of their asses. The very last time I took a car to a mechanic, again for an oil change, at a different mechanic, I asked the guy for signs of leakage on the front axle. He shrugged, said he saw nothing. This experience was a major part of my decision to sell my car and live without one for close to 5 years. I just didn't want to deal with mechanics anymore. I had some trepidation coming into Moss Alley Motors, but my experience couldn't have been any different than what I experienced all those years ago. Donovan was super clear about everything that he and his team were doing. He didn't try to up-sell me to replace more parts than he believed we had to. Super professional, great mechanic. As long as I am driving my current import vehicle, I know it will be going to Moss Alley, mechanics I can trust!It's also worth noting that the first shop I mentioned, the dishonest one, is no longer in business.


I appreciate that they got me in quickly without a previously scheduled appointment. They service all of our cars. Sometimes I believe they are a little pricey but that is to be expected for the location. Very convenient for me.


I love to deal with the people that work at Moss Alley. They always explain my options and always give a fair price. I highly recommend them.